giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

Social Network Addicted

Hey guys! :)
I'm on Christmas Holidays and I'm bored,so why don't update my blog? :)

I'm staying at my older host brother's house for a few days. In these days,I went with his step daughter to the cinema and I watched "Hotel Transylvania",a funny movie! :) I'd have preferred see a horror movie,but her friends were scary -.-
Anyway, yesterday we went to the Club and Paulina came with us :) God bless this girl!!! Really!!!
I like stay with the step daughter and her friends,but they're 13 and at this age everybody is on "children mode". I mean: chase a cute guy,pass in front of him like 20 times,feels like in a movie with your bff,... And they always say (when I say always,it means ALWAYS) "Really?!","What?!","yo no me pongo esa shit" (I'm not going to wear this shit),"que bitch","ahhhhhhhhhh,okkk....(ironic tone)",...they speak Spanish with English swear words -.-

Anyway, I'm really thankful becuase now,in these days, I stay with someone,I talk,I have Wifi (when you're on exchange without wifi,it really sucks),I go out,I meet new sounds good! :)

With wifi,I spend a lot of time on the social networks Facebook,Twitter and Instagram! Probably I'm becoming a Venezuelan Girl obsessed with these things! Everytime people care about how many followers they've or how many people like their photos. They use a lot Twitter and Instagram,but not so much Facebook.

I'm like a nerd that is always using pc and surfing the net ahahahahahah

- Facebook: Glenda Ferrari
- Twitter: Glenda (@glendaa01)
- Instagram: glendaferrari

See you! 

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