mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

My Christmas

So...Christmas has already passed!! A lot of fears,of joy,of happiness for only one day.

What about my Venezuelan Christmas?
Well,it has been good...I was more homesick last week,but then on the 24th I felt good..I felt at home!
Probably,because those days at my bro's house have been AMAZING! Always outside,wifi,spent time cooking...yummy! :)
I don't know,but this year there wasn't Christmas atmosphere...

So on 24th we ate hallaca and we exchanged the presents! :D
On 25th I used Skype,and I had an Italian Christmas because my older bro's granny is Italian! :) and in the night,some Chinese friends came to my host house and they did a bbq with my family too!
I came home with all the stuff and I fell asleep at 6 p.m and I woke up this morning at 8.30 am! ahahahahahahahahah

And on the 30th we'll leave for Tucacas Beach! yuppyyyyyyyyy
See you,

lunedì 24 dicembre 2012

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo

Hola queridos!
Hoy es el 24 de diciembre y en la noche vamos a celebrar la Navidad,comiendo hallaca.

Aunque no parece Navidad,estamos en diciembre y voy a pasar mi primera Navidad con otra tradición!

La semana pasada hice hallaca con my hermano mayor y su esposa: fue muy divertido y cansa mucho! Imaginense que en el pueblito de ella hacen hasta 700 hallacas!!! Pero se las comen todo el mes y las regalan también :)

Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mercoledì 19 dicembre 2012


FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With my older brother's wife and the daughter, I went shopping today!! I'm the happiest person in the world!!!

1st: we went to the esthetician.. the best in the world!!!!! If I could,I'd carry her to Italy with me :3 I felt no pain,no blood went out.................just amazing!! :D
2nd: shopping in the town. I didn't found anything and,besides this,there were a lot of people and I hate go shopping in this situation! And the shop-assistants were really annoying -.-
3rd: shopping in a really chic shop :) I bought a turquoise blouse and my "niece" likes it so much but I saw it first,so it's mine :) They didn0t bought anything because the clothes are really expensive :S
4th: the most amazing thing in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to ANGEL SANCHEZ'S HOUSE.
I didn't known him before,but I discovered some interesting things:
- he is from Valera.
- he lives in New York.
- he is a world fashion designer.
- his dresses were worn by Eva Longoria,Gisele Bundchen,Salma Hayek,Sandra Bullock among others international stars.
- he designs beautiful wedding dresses.

I'm really lucky!! :) I went to his sister's house because she has a shop in her HUGE house (her house is connected with their mom's house) and she has also her brother's dresses. She goes many times to USA to buy clothes to sell them here.
OMG!! THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. Ok,I didn't see him but,I mean,an international designer is from this little town in the middle of Venezuela. And I live here right now. That's amazing! :D

Principessa Tatiana di Grecia e Danimarca

Angel Sanchez

Eva Longoria in 2005 at Grammy's.
Eva Longoria on her wedding.

Anyway I bought a black dress and a black shorts.
Then we went to my sister-in-law's shop and I've finally bought my love at first shoes! :3 

I'll buy others things,obviously! :)

- I went to Paola's birthday yesterday.
- I'm going to buy a phone.
- I saw like 20 videos about "Italy wins world cup 2006" and this is the most beautiful video:

- I saw an original video of Columbine shooting in 1999..... Omg...
- The end of the world is coming!! :S 21.12.2012 [I don't believe in it]
-Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :3

In memory of the people who died last week in Newtown's shooting...Especially the 20 children...

giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

Social Network Addicted

Hey guys! :)
I'm on Christmas Holidays and I'm bored,so why don't update my blog? :)

I'm staying at my older host brother's house for a few days. In these days,I went with his step daughter to the cinema and I watched "Hotel Transylvania",a funny movie! :) I'd have preferred see a horror movie,but her friends were scary -.-
Anyway, yesterday we went to the Club and Paulina came with us :) God bless this girl!!! Really!!!
I like stay with the step daughter and her friends,but they're 13 and at this age everybody is on "children mode". I mean: chase a cute guy,pass in front of him like 20 times,feels like in a movie with your bff,... And they always say (when I say always,it means ALWAYS) "Really?!","What?!","yo no me pongo esa shit" (I'm not going to wear this shit),"que bitch","ahhhhhhhhhh,okkk....(ironic tone)",...they speak Spanish with English swear words -.-

Anyway, I'm really thankful becuase now,in these days, I stay with someone,I talk,I have Wifi (when you're on exchange without wifi,it really sucks),I go out,I meet new sounds good! :)

With wifi,I spend a lot of time on the social networks Facebook,Twitter and Instagram! Probably I'm becoming a Venezuelan Girl obsessed with these things! Everytime people care about how many followers they've or how many people like their photos. They use a lot Twitter and Instagram,but not so much Facebook.

I'm like a nerd that is always using pc and surfing the net ahahahahahah

- Facebook: Glenda Ferrari
- Twitter: Glenda (@glendaa01)
- Instagram: glendaferrari

See you! 

martedì 4 dicembre 2012


HEY! Let's start with English ;)
3 MONTHS AWAY FROM BERGAMO. OMG! I don't know if it's better think "already 3 months" or "only 3 months"....
I have to say that this month has been hard... I was homesick and I found problems,even there wasn't one :O
I'm weird, I know! :P

Reading, I noticed that I haven't written about Halloween. Well, Halloween has been amazing! At school we made a pumpkin and we were all disguised! It was really funny :)
our pumkins! :)

I went also to a wedding 2 weeks ago! :) Everything was awesome! They are family's friends and they are amazing people! 

About food.................................. I LOVE EATING! I've just eaten a hot dog ("perro caliente") with a lot of things and it was really tasty...yummy! :D
And..OMG! I ADORE BROWNIES! I love chocolate (who know me,can confirm it!) and brownies are I love them! Especially brownies from the Italian Restaurant where I eat when I go to Spanish Class! <3

At school,everything's ok. This is our last week and then.............CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS! :) I had a lor of works last week,but I survived!
I really love my classmates (5th grade!)! They are funny and they're always joking! :)
Well,in these weeks we had 2 parties and I drank (not a lot!) and they knew the real me! Since these parties,they're more open to me and they involve me in their jokes ( also in little dirty jokes!..boys!!).
I love it!! In Italy, I study only with girls and I'd almost forgot how's have boys in my class! With them everything is amazing,never boring!

Month's vote: 8!

Love you!