lunedì 4 febbraio 2013

Five months left. Half way.

Five months left. Time flies!
And I have almost six months to go,to come back to Italy.
What can I say about this five months? I've changed,of course. A lot of feelings and emotions have stood with me since 5th September.
I'm pretty jealous of the students who start in the summer their experience.
You guys are the braver people in the world and you're welcome in this little big family of exchange students!
I remember every single moment of my way to realize my big crazy dream.. And I miss it.. I miss do all the documents because even it was really stressful,it meant I was working on it. I was closer to my dream.. And now I'm living it and it means that I don't have to do the same steps of last means I have to give way to another hungry guy...

In this month I've learnt a lot of things.. To listen more and talk less... But the most important thing I've understood is that anyone has an own way to love... I realized that my family can't be like my Italian family.. And both of them as a way to appreciate the others.. Probably they're colder than European.. Really! and it depends on their bipolar behaviour..
Anyway,I feel good! I don't think a lot in Italy and my Italian life..and that's great! I mean,I miss my Italy,but I love my life here.. Even it's boring sometimes.

Month's vote: 7.5

This experience is teaching me that there is no place in the world like Italy and we have to appreciate it more.
See you,

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