domenica 24 febbraio 2013


It's a Sunday morning and I'm watching Italian football,of course! :)
In these weeks,students are waiting the letter...are waiting their future! And I can only remember me one year ago...
Anyway! Almost 6 -SIX- MONTHS! Time goes always faster!
I'm really happy to be here and I don't feel homesick anymore... That sounds really good! :D
I love my families,my countries,my friends...I love everything!!! I'm learning how to appreciate everyone and everything :)

Today is a big day!!! Today Italian people vote for Parliament members!!
Please Italy,vote for me too! Vote is a right and we have to do it for us,for our beautiful Italy!Yes,I'm 18 but I can't vote because I'm abroad only since 6 months and to vote you have to be in another country for 12 months at least.

Today is The Oscar's Day too!! Can't wait :3
And there's also Milan's football match: Inter-Milan.
Milan beacame my official team number 2,after Juventus! :3 I don't know,I'm just loving this sport! Ahahahahahah

I'm getting crazy :P
See you!

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