giovedì 10 gennaio 2013

Welcome 2013 and 4 months!! :)

First of all,happy new year!! I hope it started in the best way!!
I spent my time in tucacas and the beach was awesome!! Really hot,but it was the best beach I've seen in my life :) we stayed there only 3 days because my mom had to see a patient. But it was really good time with family and friends! We went to Cayo Sombrero and Playa Azul.
Anyway,things with my family got better,seriously! I feel at home,like I've always been here,even if I think about Italy. And when came the 5 of January I didn't think that was 4 months away :D and that's good!
But I've to write about my last satuarday..... It was 4 months here..but I've a crisis and for the first time I wanted to call afs seriously and tell them "send me back home as soon as possible".... I was really homesick.. I started to feel comfortable with my family but I felt lonely.... But the good thing is that now everything's fine!! :)
and about school, I stay in 5th grade definetely! It's harder,but I feel more comfort
able with them :D
I wrote this post with my phone because we still have no internet -.-
month's vote: 7.5.
P.s ALMOST 18!!!!!! :P

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