domenica 3 marzo 2013

Change the point of view. 6 months!

"Change the point of view" is not casual. February has been an important month: the change is officially started! New me, new experience's part, new blog's style! :) Do you like it?! I've decided to use clear colors this time instead of dark ones,like before. And also this change depends on this magic month: February.

Before leaving and also during the first months, everything was dark: I didn't know what to expect, I had a lot of fears, I was really really pessimist, I wasn't indipendent. Dark for me represents all these things; insecurity, fear, weakness. 

But then the real time to change arrives. And you realize it only after it has already begun. To me this time has been February,the 6th month in Venezuela. Probably there are exchange students who start this period before, probably it was slow to me,but probably it has been the right thing,arrived at the right moment.

I'm more positive right now, I have clearer ideas about my future, I'm more confident and , FOR REAL, I  feel home. I FEEL HOME, I FEEL HOME, I FEEL HOME. I don't think on how many months have passed or how many months to go, I just live here with my family, my friends,my life. This is not only my Venezuelan life, I feel this is my life,the real one. 

I don't use Skype for more than a month, I can't answer my friends "I miss you too" because that's not true and so I answer "Oh come on! A few months and I'm back!". I still repeat that it's only an experience, but it's doesn't mean that Venezuela is only a chapter of my life. Venezuela is forever, exactly like Italy. My life here with my family and friends is forever,like the Italian one. 

And in February, speaking about my host dad, I called him for the first time "DAD" and I said it like it was normal to me, and then I realized what happened!! OMG!! And from that day, I knew the change has started. Seriously. 

In every experience, there's comes a time where you feel the change. Early or late, this time comes unexpectedly. And in this moment the experience starts for real because you want only to live your life in your host country, because you feel that's your own real life. And at the end, you think "I'm gonna miss it..." even people like me, who is convinced it's only an experience to grow up and get better, thinks that and probably this kind of people is the one who,and the end, cries and goes back with a smile because of the change and know that's not a "Goodbye", but only a "See you later".

A lot of people asks me "Why don't you stay here forever?"... and the answer is "No... I love here with a lot of people that's giving a lot to me, but it started as an experience and that's it. There comes an end,but it won't be a real end because this year is changing me and this change is forever".

Month's vote: 9.

Stay strong and your time will come!
See y'all!
Glenda :)

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  1. same here! February everything is magic! I mean everything is really better and feelings are exactly the same here! Feel so good.

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  3. Sappi che questo post mi ha commosso! è bellissimo sentire certe cose..sono una futura exchange, e mi auguro lo stesso per quanto riguarda la mia esperienza! :)

  4. Grazie mille! Ti auguro il meglio!! :) vedrai,sarà bellissimo!!