martedì 5 marzo 2013


Venezuela's president Hugo Chevez died today,on 5th March 2013.

3 days with no school. So until Monday........ Vacations!!! :D

There're someone who said he died days ago, but we'll never know.

I'm really surprised that there're Italians who support Chavez!!!!! They don't know how is live there with this President...and I don't care about what they say, but I'm pretty worried for Italy.... I just hope that this type of people NEVER EVER will govern Italy. 

I just want to say a few words: always respect for any person who dies because of every kind of thing......

But this is the opportunity for Venezuela to change,to rise up again after a lot of years.... and of course I hope nothing bad happens because it could take us home....

I repeat, I respect every opinion and everyone who dies,but how Chavez's supporters show their sadness makes me laugh... They tell something like "Chavez is still alive among us..his spirit is with us"... Come on! Come down from the clouds!! He died,like everyone does early or late...just accept it!!!!! They are really funny on TV with their tears and their touching speeches... they remember me Neapolitan dramas ahahahahahah

There're 30 days for new elections,ana I hope these won't be corrupted...!

Just to post some tweets:

- "Se murió Chávez, renuncia el papa, un meteorito cae en Rusia, un tsunami en Japón... ¡JUMANJI!" (By a Venezuelan, "Chavez died,the Pope quits,a meteorite fell in Russia,a tsunami in Japan...JUMANJI!").

- "Mi solidaridad a toda la familia y seguidores del Presidente Hugo Chávez,abogamos por la unidad de los venezolanos en este momento" (Capriles,leader of the opposition: "My support to all the family and followers of President Chavez,we advocate for the Venezuelan unity in this moment").

- "No me alegro porque el presidente se murió es un ser humanó pero creo que era lo que Venezuela necesitaba para un nuevo comienzo." (I'm not happy because the president died because he is a human,but I think that was what Venezuela needed for a new beginning). - My classmate.

- "non è un caso se Hugo Chavez è morto oggi,esattamente 60 anni dopo Stalin." (It's not casual that Chavez died today, exactly 60 years after Stalin). - A (clever) person from Italy.

- "manovre truppe in Venezuela ...domani aumenta la benzina ...scommettiamo? Posso fare il ministro dell'economia." (By an Italian, "Venezuelan operations... tomorrow the gasoline increases...we bet? I could be the Economy Minister").

So......... Bye Chavez....

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